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  • Mistrust and earthquakes: why Lancashire communities are so shaken by fracking tremors +

    Cuadrilla plans to engage with the regulators to change the upper limit on seismic monitoring after a series of earth tremors brought its operations to a halt. No wonder Lancashire locals have serious concerns about how regulatory monitoring and corporate transparency works writes Anna Szolucha. Read More
  • 2018 will show record carbon emissions +

    Record carbon emissions are set to mark 2018. And although investment in renewable energy is rising, the world is still warming dangerously fast writes Tim Radford of the Climate News Network. Read More
  • US shale companies facing 'catastrophic failure' over ballooning debt +

    As the fledgling UK fracking industry bleeds investors’ money in alarming quantities daily, it will find no comfort from looking across the pond writes Andy Rowell. Read More
  • Day by day, UK shale industry and Tories are losing the battle to promote fracking +

    In their belligerent and blinkered attempt to replicate the US shale boom in the UK, the fracking industry and Conservative Government cannot bury three immovable and inconvenient truths that threaten to kill off the industry, even before it has been shown to be commercially viable.

    Read More
  • Anti-fracking activists released on appeal – but criminalisation of nonviolent protest is new norm +

    The harsh treatment of these activists fits into a larger pattern through which non-violent protest has been criminalised in the UK writes Nathan Stephens-Griffin. Read More
  • Why are counter terrorism police still spying on the anti-fracking movement? +

    The Home Office declared nearly 2 years ago that communities and campaigners protesting against fracking were not considered potential ‘domestic extremists’ under the government’s secretive Prevent strategy. Yet documents published since then by counter terrorism police units in the Midlands and Scotland, among others, reveal Read More
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