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Blogs & articles

  • Update: more documents show police, councils and schools labelling anti-fracking protestors as extremists +

    More documents uncovered by Spinwatch reveal how the North Yorkshire Police and Merseyside Police forces continue to unjustifiably link peaceful ‘anti-fracking’ campaigners to domestic extremism. Read More
  • Why we need public accountability of secret anti-terrorism policies +

    To penetrate the walls of official secrecy, civil society needs to get better at publicly demanding accountability argues Professor Vian Bakir.  She proposes a benchmark of demands for a more robust public discourse. Read More
  • More police forces and councils labelling peaceful anti-fracking protestors as 'extremists' alongside ISIS and far right +

    An increasing number of police forces and local authorities are associating ‘anti-fracking’ campaigners with domestic extremism in their divisive counter terrorism strategies. Russell Scott investigates. Read More
  • Seeding doubt: How self-appointed guardians of 'sound science' tip the scales toward industry +

    Exclusive investigation into the UK charity Sense about Science produced by The Intercept and the Food and Environment Reporting Network. Read More
  • What price a life? May's rhetoric and the MOD's reality +

    Tom Griffin examines the UK government's concerted campaign against investigations of abuse by the armed forces. Read More
  • Finks: How the CIA tricked the world’s best writers [Book review] +

    The CIA, and other US government agencies, sponsored, spied upon and ran as agents the world’s greatest thinkers and writers claims Joel Whitney in his new book. Review by Richard Fern. Read More
  • 400 civil society groups demand an end to fossil fuel development +

    People from over 60 countries are telling world leaders that it's time to stop digging writes Andy Rowell from Marrakesh. Read More
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