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Blogs & articles

  • The rise of an intelligence lobby threatens the rights of lawyers, journalists – and all of us +

    The old military-industrial complex is being replaced by a powerful political-intelligence technocracy writes Paul Lashmar. And their attempts to introduce the 'Snoopers Charter' via the backdoor shows how keen they are to win greater powers before the general election. Read More
  • The Lobbying Act: how's that working out? +

    It's been a year since the Lobbying Bill passed into law – amid howls of protest from charities, derision from transparency campaigners, and warnings from Parliament. Tamasin Cave asks whether it's delivering on its promise to clean up politics. Read More
  • Grovelling in Riyadh +

    Flags flying half-mast to mark the death of King Abdullah prompted widespread anger, and showed just how out of step the UK Government is with public opinion. Brian Whitaker reflects upon Britain's sycophantic relationship with Saudi Arabia. Read More
  • Trading with tyranny +

    Sensible debate about Britain's cosy relationship with the Gulf's tyrants is almost impossible, writes Brian Whitaker. As soon as questions are raised the foreign policy establishment, usually supported by retired ambassadors, weighs in to defend the status quo. Read More
  • Sharia Watch UK and the metamorphosis of Anne Marie Waters +

    In the first of an occasional Spinwatch series on the counterjihad movement, Hilary Aked examines Sharia Watch and its founder Anne Marie Waters. Read More
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