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  • Netpol condemns calls for expanding surveillance on “far left, anarchist and environmentalist” groups +

    The report by conservative think-tank Policy Exchange, attacking campaigners from Extinction Rebellion, is a direct call for expanding surveillance on “far left, anarchist and environmentalist extremism”. Read More
  • 90% of studies on fracking find 'association with harm or potential harm' +

    For years as the fracking boom exploded across the US, the shale industry and its stooges argued that it was safe. Now the science is catching up writes Andy Rowell. Read More
  • Fracking industry and resigning tsar Natascha Engel hit full media spin cycle on quake rules +

    UK shale gas commissioner Natascha Engel’s resignation last weekend just seven months into a two-year taxpayer-funded appointment had astute industry PR gloves all over it writes Melissa Jones. Read More
  • UK: 'massive victory' as injunction against anti-shale campaigners ruled 'unlawful' +

    Britain’s fledgling shale gas industry was dealt another big blow when three senior judges overturned INEOS' draconian injunction against anti-fracking campaigners writes Andy Rowell. Read More
  • Elite British cycling team sells out to billionaire shale boss +

    One of Britain’s elite cycling teams, which has won an impressive eight Grand Tours, has just announced that its new sponsor will be the UK’s richest man, petrochemical and fracking boss, Sir Jim Ratcliffe. The cyclists, known as Team Sky, will be renamed Team Ineos. Read More
  • Yet another nail in UK fracking industry as govt. guidelines ruled “unlawful” +

    The UK’s fledgling fracking industry has been dealt another significant nail in its coffin with the High Court ruling that current guidance from the Government on shale gas is “unlawful” writes Andy Rowell. Read More
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