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  • Why are counter terrorism police still spying on the anti-fracking movement? +

    The Home Office declared nearly 2 years ago that communities and campaigners protesting against fracking were not considered potential ‘domestic extremists’ under the government’s secretive Prevent strategy. Yet documents published since then by counter terrorism police units in the Midlands and Scotland, among others, reveal Read More
  • Book review: Disrupt and Deny, by Rory Cormac +

    Tom Griffin reviews Rory Cormac's new book Disrupt and deny: Spies, special forces and the secret pursuit of British foreign policy (Oxford University Press).

    Read More
  • Connecting the dots: a firsthand account of how the UKIP surge drove the Tories to sabotage the renewables industry +

    Alison Fogg digs deep into the political and economic backlash against renewables in Britain in recent years. Read More
  • Third Energy discuss new fracking well with North Yorkshire Police, but not the community +

    New freedom of information documents reveal that frack firm Third Energy told North Yorkshire Police in February 2018 about plans for another shale gas well at its controversial Kirby Misperton site. Read More
  • The curious case of the guard dog, anti-fracking protesters and North Yorkshire police +

    Lurid media reports, some shared by local police, accused anti-fracking protesters of nearly killing a guard dog at Kirby Misperton – but new evidence just released appears to tell a very different story writes Andy Rowell. Read More
  • Frack firm Third Energy warned by Environment Agency for multiple permit breaches +

    Fracking firm Third Energy breached environmental controls on two occasions at its North Yorkshire shale gas exploration site in April 2018. Read More
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