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Blogs & articles

  • Grovelling in Riyadh +

    The official response to the death of King Abdullah prompted an outburst of public anger. Brian Whitaker reflects upon Britain's sycophantic relationship with Saudi Arabia. Read More
  • Sharia Watch UK and the metamorphosis of Anne Marie Waters +

    In the first of an occasional Spinwatch series on the counterjihad movement, Hilary Aked examines Sharia Watch and its founder Anne Marie Waters. Read More
  • Steve Emerson: Misinformed expert or misinformation network? +

    Terrorism 'expert' Steve Emerson is more than a comic bafoon. His claims about no-go zones for non-Muslims in European cities are just part of a wealthy network spreading Islamophobia across the West, write David Miller and Tom Mills. Read More
  • Northern Ireland: Some thoughts on agent Brocolli - with a postscript on Albert Baker +

    Tom Griffin examines Ed Moloney and James Kinchin-White's conclusion that a newly de-classified document from 1973 points towards a high-level army source inside the IRA. Read More
  • Steve Emerson: The sorry record of a Muslim-basher +

    Jumping on the Muslim-bashing bandwagon, Fox News’ commentator Steven Emerson claimed Muslims have seized control of parts of London and all of Birmingham, terrorising non-Muslims to flee, claims so absurd that even he was forced to back-track, reports Robert Parry. Read More
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